Thresholds of the Soul Coaching

Thresholds of the Soul Coaching Program

Thresholds of the Soul, provides the tools, wisdom, psychological safety and space, to dive deeper into your personal process and discover that the wound truly is where the light enters you.

For coaches and other professionals in the healing arts, Thresholds of the Soul provides a new frame and powerful awareness to help you address your clients self sabotage and the integration of the whole self.

Thresholds of the soul can be experienced one to one or in a group journey.

Thresholds of the Soul Introduction - 10 minutes

At the intersection of Jungian and Positive psychology, the Thresholds of the Soul program reveals why it’s important to our personal and spiritual journey, to integrate the experience of our wounded self. By freeing ourselves of the different ways we have blamed ourselves and the world we can cross the threshold from being a victim of circumstances into a mature self authored adult.
Indeed, by learning to become a responsible parent to the child of our own potential, we are better prepared to walk the path less travelled where a deeper connection to the Cosmos, and true purpose can be found.

We realise suggesting that looking at the wound is a good way to embrace the heroic self, may not appeal to everyone. However, our experience is that attempting to rewrite our story, in a way that avoids the need to resolve and release the pain of the wounded self, may simply create more resistance.

Together we will explore

The Threefold Self

We will consider the self in three distinct ways: adaptive, wounded and displaced. We’ll also consider the possibility that you have mistaken one of these for
the heroic self.

The Wound

We will make space for the experiences that wounded you to be recognised and acknowledged. This includes time to express the pain and grieve the subsequent loss of opportunities.


We will examine deeply, the trade off that was made, when your adaptive self was constructed to protect you from your wounding experience. What parts of yourselves did you marginalise ‘hide in the shadow’ in order to survive and thrive?


We will consider ways to actively express the loss that resulted from the trade off. This will include the creation of artefacts through the medium of your choice: song, movement, poetry, painting, sculpture, etc.

The Wisdom of the Wound

We will distill the wisdom your wounding experience is inviting you to bring forth as part of your purpose.


We will design initiatory rituals to live and reintegrate the unlived.

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