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Thresholds Master Classes


As coaches and helping professionals our clients will periodically reveal where it is important for us to deepen our learning and refine our craft.  Thresholds Master Classes are designed to help you meet  your edges so you can expand the scope of your practice.   In small intimate groups all our classes offer a combination of insight, clear instruction and the opportunity to practice together.

Coaching Grief and Loss

Experiencing grief as an emotional response to loss resulting from the death of someone close, experiencing failure, or the ending of a relationship, is part of the human experience and very rarely a cause for referral.  Indeed, it’s unlikely that you will not have a client at sometime who is experiencing loss.  In this Master Class we explore how to approach the topic of grief and loss, while examining how our own experience of loss can shape our capacity to be effective. Read More

This program has been awarded 7 Core Competency CCEUs by the ICF. 

NEXT DATES – CGL 11 Starts Sept 20 & CGL 12 Starts Oct 10.  FIND OUT MORE


Coaching Fear
and Resistance

Our ability to help our clients recognise and manage the voice of the saboteur and its limiting self beliefs, is one of the greatest gifts good coaching can offer.  However, in an increasingly trauma aware personal and professional development movement, we need a broader understanding of the root cause of the fear and resistance our clients experience, so we can help them embrace the change they truly want.  This Master Class takes an advanced look at how to transform limiting beliefs via mind, body, heart and soul.      Read More

This program has been awarded 7.75 Core Competency CCEUs by the ICF.

NEXT DATES – CFR 6 starts Sept 17th; CFR 7 starts Oct 8th FIND OUT MORE

Coaching the Dream
and Dreamer

Our ability to successfully ask the question what do you really want? is ultimately what makes coaching so transformative.  After all, if we had been raised to answer the question ourselves, we probably wouldn’t need coaches to ask it for us. Yet, there are occasions when no matter what we do as coaches, our clients find they still can’t answer the question.   Coaching the Dream and Dreamer invites you to consider where you may have already settled the question of what you really want, and, to take a new look at the inner resources required to dream effectively. 

 Read More

This program has been awarded 9 Core Competency CCEUs by the ICF.

NEXT DATES – CDD 5 starts Sept 30th, CDD 6 starts Oct 23.  FIND OUT MORE. 


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