Integral Leadership Coaching

At the core of true leadership is the development of spiritual intelligence. By definition, to develop spiritually requires we become more human, able to face our shortcomings, our wounds and shadow, while fully owning our gifts. At the intersection of what we want to present to the world and what we wish to hide, lies the power of authenticity and our capacity to both dare to know, and, be with the unknown.

Integral Leadership Coaching draws on the same philosophy as our structured Thresholds of the Soul programs, but maps the experience to meet your unique challenges as a leader.

Practical information


“The Thresholds of the Soul program has been simply transformational. I have done a lot of personal development work over the years, but this program took it to a whole other level. The work challenged and blew away the foundational patterns, behaviours and limiting beliefs that I knew existed, but had never found a way to be released from. Understanding that these unhelpful adaptive behaviours were based on wounds from my own life experience and also subconsciously inherited from others, enabled me to view and integrate them with empathy, and so become whole. Rather than striving to ‘get over myself’, the carefully guided integration process has helped me achieve unconditional self-love and so be empowered to cross thresholds and live out my soul’s purpose.”  Sam Pearce
- Sam Pearce

“I recommend the Thresholds of the Soul Group Journey  to anyone who senses there is a potential within themselves that wants to break free…but they do not know how to allow that to happen exactly. This is truly a journey towards your own authentic self, an exploration of both the bright and the dark side of your personality, an inner adventure which will bring a renewed freshness and sense of alignment in your life.

The deep love and caring with which Nick and Sally lead & moderate the Group sessions, coupled with the beautiful group of participants with whom you will go through this developmental journey will touch you deeply and transform you, I can assure.”  Ricardo Ghersa

- Ricardo Ghersa