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Thresholds of the Soul
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A New Perspective on Human Transformation

Often people come to Thresholds of the Soul, when they have already responded to the call to live one’s life purpose and embrace the hero.ine within. They have trusted that by undertaking enough work in defining their values, managing their limiting beliefs, mapping their resourceful self, while also amplifying their natural talents, that they will be able to leave their mundane life behind.

However, when this fails, the realisation that we can’t simply upgrade our humanity like a phone or computer, leaves them disappointed. They have not yet realised that hidden in the mundane life they wished to leave behind, can be found the inner gold they’ve always longed for. It is in revealing the unique pattern created by our adaptive strategies and the wounds they hide, that true integration is possible. From there, with courage, we can bring forth the gifts and wisdom we are here to share with the world.

The Labyrinth to guide us..

Labyrinths are a potent archetype for the human unconscious. Through their twists and turns they invite us to consider a journey inwards, into the unknown. The Thresholds of the Soul Group Journey uses the 7-pathway labyrinth which can be found throughout antiquity, as a map to guide us. Each of the seven pathways are associated with the seven chakras, and therefore provide the perfect opportunity to consider and transform the underlying conflicts that lie lodged in each one. Together and individually, through meditation, group sharing, coaching, and initiatory process to give voice to the wisdom we find, we prepare to cross the threshold at the labyrinths centre where our souls purpose can be revealed. 

Glastonbury Tor
Andrah Pradesh 6th C
Ancient Crete
Hopi Indian

Individual versus Group Journey video - 5 minutes viewing time.

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