Thresholds of the Soul Coaching

Coaching the Dream and Dreamer

Human’s have always been curious about our capacity to dream at night, and the meaning of the dreams we have. Over time the idea of having a dream, or being able to effectively dream during waking hours, has become synonomous with our abilityto formulate a vision of what we wish to create in our lives. At it’s simplest the capacity to dream is the capacity to imagine a future beyond current conditions. In this respect we might call the part of us who dreams, the dreamer. The dreamer is part of who we are as naturally, creative, resourceful and whole; an expression of the evolutionary drive towards a higher level of being which lives within us all.  However, while part of who we are as naturally, creative, resourceful and whole, the capacity of our dreamer within, can be limited by challenging events and circumstances while growing up.  If we are not curious about how our clients capacity to dream has been limited by past experience, we may become frustrated when they struggle to identify what they want, and they may feel like they have failed in someway.  Coaching the Dream and Dreamer, offers coaches the awareness and tools with which to more sensitively and skillfully support their clients in boldly exploring and claiming what they really want.

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