Thresholds of the Soul Coaching

Coaching Fear and Resistance

As a coach it’s likely you have experienced the moment when a clients saboteur or inner critic reared its head, and no matter what you tried to do, it just seemed to dig its heels in deeper.  In seeing the frustration this causes our client, we often try to push them through the barrier of resistance, and yet in so doing, may re-enact the conditions in which the limiting belief was originally formed, or fail to understand how it once served to protect the client from further exposure to traumatic circumstances.  Indeed, when the saboteur voice or inner critic is the representive of the clients adaptive strategies originally formed to over come hardship, challenging it is akin to telling our client’s younger self to ‘get over it and move on.’ 

To be a more trauma informed coach means, at the very least, to have a better understanding of the way our nervous systems can become dysregulated over time, and leave us favouring either more passive or more active ways of resisting change and the challenges to our sense of security.  Either can be mistaken for the saboteur or indeed the voice of authenticity.  In this Masterclass, we will use such an understanding, as the basis of bringing to life the foundational approaches to identifying, managing and transforming saboteur voices and limiting beliefs, while also introducing more advanced techniques to apply with clients further along in their growth. 

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