Thresholds of the Soul Coaching

The Vision

Thresholds of the Soul was conceived in response to the increasing polarisation we see in the world today that risks our survival as a race. It seems the only way we can find our centre in life is by projecting our pain and sense of separation on to others.
Sadly, no one is immune from the tendency to project their internal pain onto others, and so we are all responsible to bridge and reconcile the divided self within.
Our mission is to create a supremely gentle space in which we can be courageously honest with each other, about our experience of separation. Our vision is we have the imagination to reveal new ways to reintegrate the divided self, and, in experiencing the dignity of wholeness, offer the same to everyone we meet.

Core Philosophy

At the heart of the Thresholds of the Soul core philosophy is a simple idea; that while the true Self is one and indivisible, we experience it as threefold: an adaptive, a wounded, and a displaced self. It is the artificial divisions between these three selves, that lie at the heart of our sense of separation, and which underpin our tendency to self sabotage. It is also here we find the thresholds we must cross to embrace our full humanity.
Amongst the most important thresholds we must address, is the one we find between the adaptive and wounded selves. The adaptive self’s original task was to establish our place in the world, by masking the pain of our wounded experience. Seeking shortcuts and quick fixes, the adaptive self is not well suited to the task of defining a more purposeful existence because it wishes to do so without acknowledging our hurt.
To become whole, we need to understand that the adaptive self’s development came at a cost. For it to succeed, a bargain had to be struck. To distance ourselves from the suffering of our wound and establish our place in the world, it was necessary to cut ourselves off from a part of our core essence, which might threaten the success of the adaptive self. Suppressed into the shadow of the unconscious, this part of our core essence remained out of reach – ‘safely at arms length’.
However, denied the light of self-awareness, what we hid in the shadow of our unconscious, was prone to become distorted. Typically we project the image of such distortions onto others, yet under stress they can make themselves known in our own behaviour.
To realise the True Self we must therefore especially consider the trade that off that gave birth to the adaptive self. Only then with that self awareness is it possible to reveal my hurt and find the wisdom that lies therein. By recognising that, as the great poet Rumi said, the wound is indeed the place where the light enters us, it is possible to re-integrate what was once lost, and find inner peace and purpose.

Our Team

Nick Kettles

Master Certified Coach
Nick is a Master Certified Coach, and healer of 25 years experience in the human potential movement. He is known for his skill in guiding his clients to compassionately embrace the full expression of their humanity, especially those parts they have marginalised or placed into the shadow. In a desire to escape an awkward and painful past, throughout his life, Nick frequently mistook his own adaptive and often reactive life strategies as evidence of a purposeful existence. Today, he delights in finally moving slow enough to discover that our purpose and indeed our spirituality can be found at the heart of our messy humanity. This is his own Threshold of the Soul. It is by moving towards our chaos and mess rather than resisting or trying to control it, that true healing is found. He created Thresholds of the Soul to provide the space and presence in which others can do the same. He lives in France within sight of the Pyrenees mountains, with his family, who keep his feet on the ground and heart open to possibility.

Sally Powell

Leadership Coach
Sally is an experienced leadership coach and strategic facilitator, with over twenty years’ experience leading and coaching individuals and teams for world-class brands. She is the co-founder of ‘IMPACT: Women Who Lead’, which brings together cohorts of talented women in the STEM space who want to lead differently. Sally’s relationship with Thresholds of the Soul began in 2019 when Nick first piloted the program. The work was life-changing experience allowing her to finally understand the script that had run her, like a hamster in a perpetual wheel for too long. Thresholds allowed her to see all the parts of herself that had been displaced, ‘voted off’ her island if you like, and she began a process of re-integrating joy, sadness, creativity and wisdom in her unique way. As a co-founder of Thresholds of the Soul, Sally has been instrumental in the conception, design and co-faciliation of the group journey where she delights in helping guide others to find their true centre. Sally lives with her husband and their two boys in Edinburgh, surrounded by beauty.

Christine Raschke

Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
Christine Raschke is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) who helps her clients access their inner wisdom so that they can show up fully and authentically in all areas of their lives and solve problems with creativity, clarity, and courage. Christine completed the Thresholds of the Soul Journey with Nick in 2021 and it had a deep, transformational impact on her. It made her acutely aware of an adaptive pattern she was running and how it kept her from living the emotionally rich life she was yearning for. She has been co-facilitating Thresholds of the Soul group journeys with Nick since 2022 and is thrilled to help others connect with the depth and beauty of their own soul. Prior to starting her coaching business, Christine devised and implemented strategies for Fortune 500 companies with Bain & Company, earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, and worked for a Tech Start-up as founding member and Operations Executive. She loves to spend time in nature, be active, meditate, and read. Christine, who is originally from Austria, lives in Northern California where she is raising two little human beings with her husband.

Thresholds of the Soul Coaching Programs are designed to feed a hunger for a deeper, more fundamental transformative change.

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