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Are you ready to take the journey?

Are you ready to take the journey?

Often, in our hurry to get on our way to realizing the promise of a more fulfilled life, we forget that when setting out on a journey it’s important to consider what we will take with us and what we will leave behind. 

We figure all we have to do is leave behind our past pain and the struggle of our adaptive strategies, hold onto our values, saboteur awareness, high dreams and guiding purpose and the hero.ine within will be at hand.  That is the promise so often sold by the personal and professional growth movement, often in the guise of business leadership development programs.

But what if what you really needed to realize the hero.ine within was the thing you most want to leave behind?  Our past pain and adaptive strategies?  Perhaps, you have already tried to undertake the journey and found that it was not so easy to leave your past pain and adaptive strategies behind? 

In Thresholds of the Soul that is what we invite you to consider.  That in your past pain and the shadow cast by your adaptive strategies lies the doorway to an authentically expressed life, and indeed the wisdom you are here to share.  

I realize that if Thresholds of the Soul was a restaurant and this was on the menu, you might wonder if this was the right restaurant for you.  That would be understandable.  Re-examining past pain and it’s relationship to our adaptive strategies is not a dish that’s appetizing to everyone. In declaring this I’m embracing my past pain of being rejected, and staying present to an adaptive strategy I know well, the desire to water down what I believe to appease others.  It’s not easy to say it as it is.  But there is dignity and perhaps beauty in doing so.

So, if you are looking for a more bespoke menu, we know there are some other amazing restaurants available that will be able to help you.

However, if your intuition also tells you there might be value in considering the wisdom of your adaptive strategies and wounded life experience, then perhaps you’d like to consider our set menu.  Here’s some of what you’ll find on it.

Yes to supreme gentleness as the path to radical self acceptance.    

No short cuts. 

Yes to a multi-channel approach to experiencing our wounded adaptive self.

No to just more brain food.

Yes to appreciating the power of ancestral stories.

No to seeing the Self as an island

Yes to being open to new perspectives

No to thinking I’ve got it all figured out. 

Yes to being in the journey.

No to tying it all up in a bow.

To find out more about Thresholds of the Soul Group Journeys click here, or get in touch directly discuss our individual and group programs..

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