“The wound is where
    the light enters you”
    — Rumi

    Thresholds of the Soul was created to serve a hunger for a deeper, more fundamental, transformative change.

    With supreme gentleness we invite you to walk towards what is cast in shadow; and therein, with courageous self honesty find wisdom in your wounded self, and perhaps, illuminate your soul’s purpose..

    Thresholds of the Soul Coaching Program

    Integral Leadership

    About Thresholds of the soul

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    This is life changing. It is meant to disrupt the status quo
    and it certainly does. Buyer beware!
    I started the work with Nick knowing that I needed things
    to shift, I had the sense that something was holding me
    back, and I couldn’t quite articulate it.
    I now have clarity and a genuine appreciation for my
    wounded self and the profound wisdom it holds for me.

    - Sally Powell, MA PCC

    “Thresholds of the Soul has been a truly transformative experience in multiple ways. Nick’s experience and combination of intuition and compassion allowed me to safely explore previous patterns and helped me to understand how previous experiences have shaped me. I’m forever grateful for the deepened self-awareness coaching with Nick has given me. It’s resulted in more conscious relationships with those around me and a better relationship with myself.”

    - Noora Nemer
    Thresholds of the Soul is an adventure of discovery that will provide you with the tools to dig through the layers of fears and pain, and get you to the treasures that make you who you really are. I highly recommend it to those who are looking to leave behind doubts, limitations and tap into your own resourcefulness. Nick is a skilful, wise and authentic coach with the ability to guide you through deep waters with kindness and hold you until you get safely to the shore… brilliantly!
    - Anamaria Acevedo
    “The Thresholds of the Soul program has been simply transformational. I have done a lot of personal development work over the years, but this program took it to a whole other level. The work challenged and blew away the foundational patterns, behaviours and limiting beliefs that I knew existed, but had never found a way to be released from. Understanding that these unhelpful adaptive behaviours were based on wounds from my own life experience and also subconsciously inherited from others, enabled me to view and integrate them with empathy, and so become whole. Rather than striving to ‘get over myself’, the carefully guided integration process has helped me achieve unconditional self-love and so be empowered to cross thresholds and live out my soul’s purpose.”  Sam Pearce
    - Sam Pearce