“The wound is where
the light enters you”
— Rumi

Created to serve a hunger for a more
fundamental, transformative change

With supreme genteleness we invite you to walk towards what is cast in shadow; and with courageous self honesty find wisdom in your wonded self, the gift in your adaptive strategies and renewed vitality in what was once lost..

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Thresholds of the Soul
Coaching Program

We realise suggesting that looking at the wound is a good way to embrace the heroic self, may not appeal to everyone. However, our experience is that attempting to rewrite our story, in a way that avoids the need to resolve and release the pain of the wounded self, may simply create more resistance.  At the intersection of supreme gentleness and courageous self honesty lies the opportunity to find our true calling.

Light enters 2

Integral Leadership

At the core of true leadership is the development of spiritual intelligence. By definition, to develop spiritually requires we become more human, able to face our shortcomings, our wounds and shadow, while fully owning our gifts. At the intersection of what we want to present to the world and what we wish to hide, lies the power of authenticity and our capacity to both dare to know, and, be with the unknown.

Thresholds Master Classes

As coaches and helping professionals our clients will periodically reveal where it is important for us to deepen our learning and refine our craft.  Thresholds Master Classes are designed to help you meet  your edges so you expand the scope of your practice.   In small intimate groups all our classes offer a combination of insight, clear instruction and the opportunity to practice together.


About Thresholds of the soul

Thresholds of the Soul was conceived in response to the increasing polarisation we see in the world today that risks our survival as a race. It seems the only way we can find our centre in life is by projecting our pain and sense of separation on to others.
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